Consulting, speaking, teaching

I help decision-makers in tech and finance to align their business strategy with ethics. I offer orientation in the thicket of opportunities and risks and translate complex issues into a language geared to the target group. By doing so, I strengthen the credibility and the trust between organizations and their stakeholders.

I empower my clients to be perceived as credible and effective actors in ethical issues in their core business.


I empower my clients to be perceived as credible and effective actors in ethical issues in their core business.

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My authentic and inspiring speeches create value for events with very different target groups.

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My many years of experience as a lecturer at various levels of education qualifies me as a (guest) speaker at universities and other educational institutions.

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My clients choose me because I make ethics tangible and understandable. They appreciate my ability to get to the heart of complex issues and my commitment to meeting their specific needs in every case.

I do not offer standardized solutions. I work out what is right and creates value for you and your stakeholders.


As a 1-person company, Baur Consulting has transparent structures and no vested interests.


I combine analytical rigour, academically trained, and conceptual strength with strong communication skills. This enables me to present the results of my work in a comprehensible and convincing manner.


I deal with your mandates single-handedly, with strong commitment and I engage in regular personal exchange.

Dr. Dorothea Baur

Dorothea Baur is a consultant, international expert, speaker and lecturer with many years of experience and excellent qualifications. She puts her finger on sore points, identifies blind spots and shows how ethics can be credibly and effectively integrated into business. She impresses with authenticity and the courage to engage in controversy. She gets to the heart of things. Dorothea Baur has a solid academic background with a PhD from the University of St. Gallen as well as research and teaching experience at leading European business schools.

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