Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

Never before has technological progress been faster, and never before has awareness of the ethical implications been so great. Especially in the field of artificial intelligence, but also in the context of blockchain technology and of course in data protection, there are major ethical challenges but also opportunities.

I advise and guide companies and other stakeholders to design and/or deploy technologies in line with their own values and to use them considerately but effectively.

Do you have questions about ethical aspects of AI or other emerging technologies? Let’s talk


  • How can we use technology in a way that supports our values and mission?
  • How can we develop a credible stance on blockchain? How can we align crypto assets with our values?
  • What does credible data protection mean and what does a convincing data policy look like?
  • Where and how do we use artificial intelligence?
  • How much transparency do ‘fair’ algorithms require?


  • Developing an audit system for automated decision-making systems as a ForHumanity Fellow.
  • Presentation on “AI and ethics in targeted advertising” in front of sales managers and ethics and compliance experts of an international pharmaceutical company
  • Member of the ethics board of POSMO, a Swiss data cooperative with a mobility app
  • Data protection analysis for a start-up in the field of e-health. Implications of the GDPR.
  • Report on digitization and ethics at Alternative Bank Switzerland
  • Workshop on cryptocurrencies, blockchain & ethics (context: internal workshop at a retail bank).
  • Workshops on Digitalization, Fintech & Ethics (context: expert lab for representatives of various European banks)