Ethical debates sparked by Covid19: my thoughts as part of the UNESCO Forum

The UNESCO Forum invited me as a speaker to share my thoughts and opinions about the Covid-19 crisis. This platform gives women the opportunity to speak out and express themselves about the future world. Its aim is to raise awareness and reflect on the construction of a world post-Covid: more equal, inclusive, human and sustainable. Here is one of my statements:

After the crisis, we will hopefully be aware that we are all ‘in it together’. We will have learned that local context matters. We will acknowledge that it is impossible to live in an entirely virtual bubble – no matter how much tech allows us to do things remotely. Currently, we are locally confined. We realize the importance of being embedded in a local community. We depend on the community, in which we live. And we depend on the state where we pay our taxes. We therefore need to assume responsibility here. We need to look after each other.

Watch the full video here:

It was an additional honor when ELLE Singapore printed my speech as an interview in their January/2021 issue.