Many people think of ethics as abstract philosophy whose birth dates back several centuries, or even worse, as something that automatically makes you feel somehow ‘inadequate’, and thus bad. I refute these prejudices with my speeches.

My keynotes are anchored in the here and now, and they are thought-provoking. My authentic and lively style inspires audiences. Whether I speak in front of financial professionals, technology enthusiasts, sustainability experts, or any selection from the general population, I succeed in captivating those in attendance. This is how I create value for your event.

With my broad, interdisciplinary knowledge, I point out surprising connections. Above all, I make sure that I present my thoughts in a language that is appropriate for the audience and with a certain lightness. That’s how ethics is fun.

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Keynote topics

The common thread running through my keynotes is ethics, applied to different contexts and issues, always presented in a clear and concise manner. I offer my keynotes in German, Swiss German as well as in English. Each keynote title and content is individually tailored to the host. The selection of past speeches gives an impression of the range of topics and contexts I cover.

Past speeches (selection)