“The EU regulation on AI makes ethics affordable”

The AT→GO AI podcast from ForHumanity, hosted by Sundar Narayanan, invited me to talk about my view on the draft EU AI regulation. What does it mean for me in my role as a lecturer on AI ethic and as an ethics consultant?

Here is what I say:

Will companies see the EU regulation on AI as a burden or do they embrace it as meaningful guidance that basically makes ethics affordable? Because that’s what the regulation does: it refutes claims from companies who claim that e.g. competitive pressure forces them to use such and such technology, or dark patterns etc. That’s no longer valid. The EU regulation takes such decisions for them and defines the playing field.

ForHumanity is not-for profit  organization, dedicated to building an Infrastructure Of Trust. It is developing independent third-party audit systems for automated decision-making with the goal to protect privacy, eliminate and mitigate bias, have ethical designs, have effective cybersecurity, and work towards trustworthiness. I am proud to be a fellow of ForHumanity.

Listen to the entire episode (11 minutes) here.