“There is no Responsible Tech without accountability”

How do you get involved in the growing Responsible Tech field? All Tech Is Human, an organization committed to building the Responsible Tech pipeline, making it diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest, has published a guide with a look into the vibrant Responsible Tech ecosystem. Aimed at college students, grad students, and young professionals, the “Responsible Tech Guide” also includes a profile of me. Here is one of my quotes:

The most pressing topic for Responsible Tech is how to establish accountability. There is no Responsible Tech without accountability because tech is never just intrinsically good. We always need to ask about the purpose of a technology and we need to keep in mind potential abuses and unintended consequences. In order to be able to judge this we need transparency as to how a technology is developed and how it is being used. This might require overcoming outdated notions of trade secrecy. Without accountability and transparency we risk being at the mercy of algorithms or of their developers and we lack the means to meaningfully address issues of fairness and discrimination.

Access the full guide here.