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ESG-crypto Alignment

Is crypto challenging your sustainability?

ESG and crypto

Two trends, many questions.
I help you develop a clear stance.

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Your ESG crypto Alignment:

In three steps to a clear stance

1. Ask questions

People who ask questions, shape the conversation. I know the sticking points between crypto and ESG. Together we will find out which ones are relevant for you.

2. Make sense

The answers tell us which values complement each other, and which are in conflict. We identify contradictions and synergies.

3. Resolve

We decide which contradictions can be resolved, how they can be combined and which ones you want to endure.

Our first conversation

I am happy to take time for you.
20 minutes, free of charge.

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Answers to the most important questions

If you are in a position to make decisions about sustainability in your company, you have come to the right place.

A sustainability strategy should be in place. How far the crypto offering is developed is irrelevant.

You have to establish internal contacts and need a few days for a sparring with me.

You understand how crypto affects your sustainability strategy. You ask the right questions and you have answers ready yourself. You have decided which contradictions you want to resolve and which ones you are willing to endure.

Let’s talk. In 20 minutes we will find out a lot.

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