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ESG in pension funds needs reflection, passion and a mission

The trade magazine IPE (Investments & Pensions Europe) reports on my work in advising pension funds. The article gives a nice impression of my approach:

The adviser – who runs her own ethical advisory firm, Baur Consulting – noted a “lack of reflection, passion and mission” in some institutional investors’ discussions on ESG.

“Pensionskassen and other institutions first have to define ESG for themselves, what is feasible for them and what is not,” she said.

With her latest client, Baur has conducted one-on-one interviews with members of the management and board of trustees “to get a feel what different key representatives at the Pensionskasse actually think about ESG and where ideas diverge”.

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Dorothea Baur - ESG and Sustainable Finance


Topics ESG & Sustainable Finance Sustainable investments are hotly debated everywhere. But words are not enough. Customers, investors and regulators want to see action. The

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Banana truck at a Chiquita plantation near La Lima (HON) (source: private picture).

The costs of lowering social standards

In 2014 Chiquita paid their workers in Honduras private health insurance which cost them a total of 1 million USD per year. Quite a lot of money for a company close to bankruptcy. A few weeks ago they wanted to lower the level of health care services. As a result, workers went on strike for more than 40 days. Bananas worth 30 million USD could not be exported. Is this really worth it?

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