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«Ethics is not just about right or wrong but often rather about why»

How did I get to become an expert in my key topics? What topic areas am I most passionate about? Who influences me? And how do I collaborate with brands? I answer these questions in my interview with the award-winning influencer marketing platform Onalytica. I say:

From bananas to banks and algorithms, the red thread through all my work is ethics. I am passionate about applying ethics to all kinds of business contexts, particularly but not exclusively, in tech and finance. In my work, ethics means to help my clients, my audiences, my students to recognize and navigate ethical issues.

Here is how I describe my mission:

People often feel uncomfortable talking about ethics. My mission is to enter a company, a classroom, a stage, and take away that unease. I do this by showing that ethics is not just about right or wrong but often rather about why.

It’s an honor to be recognized as an influencer, along with really big names whose work I have admired for a long time. Read the full text here.

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